The Garden

The garden was created over 10 years on various levels with great attention to detail, combining playful elements with subtropical plants.


The Arabic Terrace (La terraza árabe)

  • 25 m² large star-shaped wooden pergola
  • Large (30 m²) circular terrace with spectacular views
  • with forged iron railing and hand-blown colored glass
  • Flooring made of natural stone and pebbles in an Arabic woven pattern
  • Indirect lighting at night
  • Direct access to the house, living room, and bedroom

The Toledo Terrace (La terraza de Toledo)

  • Two rectangular levels invite you to sunbathe on Solnhofen tiles and natural pebbles after a visit to the pool
  • Inspired by the Castilian Toledo style
  • Mostly sheltered from the northeast trade wind
  • Indirect lighting at night

The Floral Terrace (La terraza floral)

  • Circular and floral abstract patterns made from limestone, quartzite, and natural pebbles
  • Ideal for breakfast, as this is where the first rays of sunshine arrive in the morning
  • Integrated bench
  • Turquoise garden furniture
  • Playful lookout
  • A willow tree provides shade in summer and autumn
  • Indirect lighting at night

The Pond Terrace (La terraza del charco)

  • Surrounded by water fountains, it invites you to relax by the natural pond
  • Various materials (crushed tiles, Zellige, slab limestone, natural stone, quartzite, pebbles)
  • Indirect lighting at night


  • Round sitting pool with 5 m² for relaxation
  • Handmade from Moroccan Zellige tiles
  • Surrounded with Moroccan Bejmat
  • 360° infinity overflow provides total immersion
  • The water is heated by oversized solar panels
  • Therefore, it is one of the warmest pools in Puntagorda


The Arabic Fountain (La fuente árabe)

  • A total of 12 meters long Arabic fountains like in the Generalife in Alhambra, Granada
  • The 24 water spouts are in operation for 1 hour in the morning and 1 hour in the evening as well as at any other time on request.

The Runnel (Los chorros)

  • Starting at the main terrace, the stream flows along the steps
  • It then discharges into arches and 6 water spouts
  • Ultimately flowing into a water basin
  • Then into a shallow fountain made of Moroccan Zellige
  • Until it nourishes a natural pond
  • The runnel operates for 2 hours each in the morning and evening, and anytime on request


  • The terraces are connected by playful paths
  • Indirect lighting at night
  • The paths connect the different levels with Arabic stairs
  • From the parking lot to the house, the path is designed as a level ramp in the Portuguese style of Praça do Rossio (accessible)